Possible Surge in Premium BEVs Behind New UK Supercharger

An anticipated surge in demand for large premium BEVs in the UK has prompted one company to install a supercharger it claims could cut charge time by half.

Sales data reveals that while demand for small BEVs with limited ranges remain flat in the country, larger luxury electric vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz EQC, Jaguar I-PACE and Audi e-tron with much higher claimed mileage between charges, are gaining in popularity. In response InstaVolt has begun installing the ChargePoint Express 250 charger at it sites, claiming a capability of up to 125kW charging with the first now live in Hampshire.

Larger BEVs can accept the higher charge output with the Audi able to handle 150kW. The company claims its new charger has the potential to halve charging time for drivers and can add 125 miles of range in just 15 minutes where the vehicle’s battery can accept those charging rates. The chargers enable power to be shared dynamically between two units, meaning two cars can still charge simultaneously at any dual-station location. All deliver electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Naturally, no mention is made in the company’s statement about the long-term effects of supercharging lithium-ion batteries that will shorten battery life requiring replacement or, in some cases, scrapping of the vehicle much sooner than its potential lifespan.

Adrian Keen, Chief Financial Officer at InstaVolt, said: “This technology has the potential to halve charging time for some of our users, which is incredibly exciting. The electric vehicle space is moving at lightning pace and we’re constantly working to ensure we’re prepared for the EVs of the future.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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