Porsche Launches Ultra-Rapid Charging Station Prototype

Porsche Launches Ultra-Rapid Charging Station Prototype

Porsche has presented a prototype ultra-fast electric vehicle charging station it claims can provide 450kW of power.

The automaker says its test vehicle, which claims a net battery capacity of around 90kWh, stored over 400kW of charge by using the station for under three minutes for its first 100km. It says the station can now be used by the public for free and is suitable for all EVs manufactured with the Combined Charging System’s (CCS) Type 2 variant. However, Porsche’s announcement of the move does not say whether any of the station’s technology can prevent or mitigate the corrosion of an EV’s batteries when they are rapidly charged too many times in succession, something even EV evangelists Tesla freely admit can and does occur.

Development of the station was carried out by Porsche as part of a consortium that also includes BMW, Siemens, Allego, and Phoenix Contact E-Mobility. The consortium was formed for the FastCharge project that has received €7.8M from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

The project’s stated aim is to research what vehicular and infrastructural tech needs to be developed “to allow extremely high charging capacities to be applied”. Porsche claimed its station offers “three to nine times” the charging capacity of widely available rapid charging stations and is compatible with 400-volt and 800-volt EV battery systems. A CCS Type 2 charging plug was used to test it.


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