Porsche Developing Drivetrain With Four Electric Motors

Porsche is developing an electric drivetrain with four electric motors, for use on a future battery electric SUV from the premium German brand.

This means there’s one motor per wheel, enabling the electronically controlled drivetrain to better deliver power to each corner of the vehicle. Porsche has developed torque software to control each wheel’s motor independently, helping them run at the same speeds even on loose, snowy or icy surfaces – ideal for an SUV.

Thus, the desire for a four-motor drivetrain isn’t so much the power, but rather the extra control it enables via the electronics. Porsche’s first BEV, the Taycan, has two motors, one on each axle, so the control four motors would provide would be a significant step up. What’s not clear is when we’ll see this on a Porsche production vehicle, or if it’ll be an all-new vehicle or an electric version of an existing Porsche model.

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