Porsche Challenges Taycan EPA Figures With Independent Assessment

Porsche commissioned its own independent test of the Taycan Turbo’s electric range after the US EPA estimated it at a low 201 miles.

The independent test, conducted by automotive research firm AMCI Testing, found the Taycan could go 275 miles on a single charge, based on “real world city/highway commute driving”. That’s 74 miles above the EPA estimate and just four below the WLTP’s estimate of 279 miles. In “real world city driving”, it had a slightly expanded range of 288 miles.

Porsche had seemingly anticipated the low estimate from the EPA, which routinely estimates range at a far lower mileage than the European WLTP test cycle does, and therefore commissioned the independent report. The US government is not particularly favourable towards electric vehicles, removing lots of rules about how many sales have to electric vehicles and others about air pollution and emission targets.

However, even the independent tests get far, far lower range estimates than the Tesla Model S, which has an EPA estimate of 370 miles on the long range version and 348 on the performance model. Porsche’s initial goal for the Taycan, when it was announced back in 2015 as the Mission E concept, was 300 miles of range, so they missed that by varying margins depending on who’s range estimates you believe. Either way, Porsche has work to do if it wants to truly rival Tesla on the electric range front.

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