Polestar Readies BEV Concept for Market

Polestar has committed to turning its BEV Precept concept car unveiled last year into a market ready product.

It has announced the car is under full-scale development and on its “journey to reality in the coming years”. As part of the automaker’s pledge of being more transparent, a new YouTube documentary series, dubbed Precept: from concept to car, will track development stages from the initial design and model building process to the real-world development of what will become the production vehicle. The series, which began on 6 July 2021, is planned to continue through the entire development phase.

On its journey towards a fully climate-neutral car by 2030, the automaker is working towards specific sustainability ambitions as Precept comes to life. Key elements can be found in its interior specifically, where new-age, experimental materials that consist largely of recycled and natural resources are being developed for full-scale production. These include seat covers that are 3D-knitted from a single strand of yarn made of recycled PET bottles, floor carpets made from reclaimed fishing nets, recycled cork vinyl for supporting seat panels and arm rests, and a natural flax-based composite used for interior panels that are typically made from virgin plastics.

Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar, said: “We wanted to open up and show what goes on behind the scenes in this fascinating process. The documentary series will show how we work, the challenges we face and how we overcome them, first in producing the amazing show cars we built in 2020, and of the real production vehicle starting to take shape.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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