PHH FirstFleet releases annual fleet managers survey results

PHH FirstFleet releases annual fleet managers survey results

In an annual survey conducted by PHH FirstFleet, fleet managers identified new issues and concerns and industry trends.

Most notably, while fuel costs and safety risks are still top concerns for America’s private truck fleets, the majority of owners and managers are delaying new truck engine purchases and looking to outside industry consultants to help reduce operational costs. Many fleet managers are looking to telematics to better understand fuel consumption, the effects of new engine emissions standards, and driver behaviour.

63% of the survey respondents said they putting off 2007 engine purchases, 41% said that they planned to postpone any new purchases until Q1 2007 and 44% said they planned to purchase in either Q2 of Q3.

Respondents were equally divided on the impact of the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) on the overall cost of fuel, with 34% saying it had little or no impact on fuel costs, and 30% saying it had somewhat of an impact.

Although most fleet managers (75%) think it’s too early to tell what impact ULSD will have on fuel cost/economy, the general consensus is that it will increase a fleet’s cost-per-mile of operation by approximately 2%.

Initiatives to regain fuel economy lost to ULSD regulations include technology tools, with 24% of fleet managers confirming the use of telematics to help improve performance and optimise routes and fuel management.

85% of fleet managers endorsed measuring driver habits and past performance. Survey respondents also expressed an interested in employing outside services to conduct operation audits, with nearly 52% indicating they have considered outsourcing maintenance and safety compliance to an industry consultant.

Additional issues facing fleet management today include: government compliance, emission controls & regulations, equipment & maintenance costs, escalating operating costs, and service hours.

According to president & general manager Michael Lewis, the feedback from the survey will help PHH FirstFleet to create practical solutions that reduce operating costs, optimise fleets, and educate drivers.

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