PHEV Powertrain for DS’s Luxury ‘Limo’

DS enters the luxury limousine segment with the launch of its range-topping DS 9 boasting PHEV powertrains.

The beast is the PSA Group’s largest executive cruiser measuring of 16-feet long, six-feet wide and sporting 27-inch alloy wheels. Such a size requires a hefty punch under the bonnet and here the first model released will use a plug-in hybrid E-Tense powertrain marrying a PureTech turbocharged gasoline engine with an electric motor combined to develop 222bhp. It claims a zero emissions electric only range of up to 31 miles on WLTP and achieve 84mph thanks to an 11.9kWh battery.

The electric motor alone, operating through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, claims a maximum power of 108bhp and 236ft-lbs of torque. Electric mode is always automatically selected on start-up to boost efficiency and is complemented by a Hybrid mode, designed to automatically control the different types of energy by driving 100% electric, 100% gasoline or combining the two if the situation requires it. A Sport mode gets the most out of the available power from the combined application of the combustion engine and electric motor by adjusting the mapping of the accelerator pedal, gearbox, steering and active suspension.

There’s an energy recovery system that re-charges the battery in deceleration or brake phases, amplified with an enhanced Braking function selected by pulling back the gear selector and displayed as ‘B’. In addition, an E-Save function choosing levels of battery-stored energy to do chosen parts of the journey in electric only mode. For example, when the driver wants to enter urban or low emission areas. The 7.4kW on-board charger enables the battery to be charged in 90 minutes from home or public charging points using the cable supplied as standard.

The car will ultimately also boast a 354bhp version of the powertrain plus all-wheel drive. A pure 220bhp gasoline powertrain will also be offered in some markets at a later date.

This DS will carry the brand’s latest driver assist suite including Level 2 semi-autonomous driving capability. The system uses multiple sensors to position DS 9 in its lane depending on where the driver decides by it controlling the steering trajectory. Usable up to 111mph depending on the country’s laws, it controls speed and direction, under the driver’s supervision.

Naturally it works at city center speeds as well where, in congested traffic, the car will restart automatically if it’s stopped for less than three seconds. If it’s stopped for longer, pressing a button or the accelerator pedal will restart it.

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