PhantomAlert to release speed trap app for smartphones

PhantomAlert to release speed trap app for smartphones

The app is powered by a user-generated and verified database of speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, DUI checkpoints, dangerous intersections and more.

Speed traps and photo enforcement locations reported by drivers and spotters are verified and rated for accuracy. Highly rated POIs remain in the database while low rated ones are removed.

The database currently contains more than 100,000 enforcement locations in the US & Canada, plus 44,000 in Europe, Australia and South Africa and another 56,000 in the rest of the world.

The app features:

  • Audio and visual alerts every time a user approaches enforcement areas
  • Predictive auto-tracking predicts and presents traffic camera views along the route based on the user's current location and direction
  • SmartMode learns the user's frequently-travelled routes and uses that information to filter/select cameras
  • SmartAlerts provides real-time traffic construction and maintenance information based on the user's location
  • Support for user-provided proximity alerts (speed traps, red light cameras) that auto-alert when ahead
  • Support for merging proximity alerts from PhantomALERT database
  • Augmented reality view of traffic cameras and their views
  • Real-time traffic views
  • Triple buffering techniques and advance predictive algorithms are employed to optimise performance, stability and reliability
  • Support for touch-screen shortcuts, text-to-speech and audio cues for hands-free operation

Currently available for Garmin, Tom-Tom and Magellan devices, the PhantomAlert app will soon be released for iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones.

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