PeopleNet augments wireless network with satellite comms

PeopleNet augments wireless network with satellite comms

PeopleNet fleets will be able to select the best mix of network options, including satellite, on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. PeopleNet's multi-network capability allows for least-cost routing of all communications.

PeopleNet satellite is in development and will be available later this year.

According to executive vice president of marketing, product & sales, Brian McLaughlin, while the company's current multi-network wireless service provides more coverage than most fleets require, certain markets need satellite where terrestrial communications are not available.

He also pointed out the satellite option means that PeopleNet can meet the most stringent requirements of government and corporate shippers, particularly where hazardous shipments are concerned. For instance, satellite coverage is necessary in order to conduct certain kinds of business with the US Dept of Defence.

The new compact satellite modem will install alongside PeopleNet's onboard computer, which will only use the satellite communications option when lower cost ground-based wireless is unavailable. The choice of communications will be automatic, invisible and seamless to drivers and operating staff, but customers will control what kinds of data can be sent when the satellite option is invoked.

For example, vehicle location information and messages can be sent via satellite when necessary while more data-heavy transmissions like onboard training videos can be held for wideband wireless access.

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