Paragon simplifies transport planning for TDG


The software enables TDG to quickly produce accurate daily plans based on actual orders from customers throughout the UK. With 100% optimised routes, TDG is able to make best use of vehicle and driver availability, both within its own fleet and its permanent subcontractors.

According to TDG's contract manager, David Vincent, the software enables the company to look at a wide range of parameters such as geographic regions, number of vehicles, drivers, capacities, etc., giving a clear view of the workloads and what can be achieved by full utilisation of available resources.

"The large number of orders we deal with on a daily basis would be too difficult to plan manually," says Vincent, adding that manual planning presents the risk of introducing inefficiencies that cause problems throughout the supply chain.

Paragon automates the entire process, applying intelligence to simplify what would otherwise be a lengthy and complex task.

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