Paragon’s ITIS speed data improves routing and scheduling precision


Paragon's routing and scheduling software now includes an option for reliable average speed data following an agreement with traffic and travel information supplier, IT IS.

The intelligent data is collected from more than 200,000 vehicles travelling around the UK, with more than two billion GPS positions being recorded every year to provide the speed data from actual moving vehicles.

Paragon's GB map system can now include pre-set speeds on individual road links, derived by analysing huge numbers of road speed observations.

Previously it was only possible to apply average speeds based on a road classification, such as urban motorway or rural B-road, along with regional adjustments. The Paragon enhancement incorporates road data including a calculated average speed, for each direction, at road link level. This is based on a history of observations of vehicles travelling on that road link, which means that route plans will be more realistic and more accurate.

"By analysing ITIS speed data traffic, calculations are more precise and travel time planning immediately becomes more accurate," said William Salter, managing director of Paragon Software Systems. "Crucially, by using objective speed data, the schedules will be more acceptable to drivers and more accurate for customers, and less time will be needed to calibrate the Paragon system, thus reducing implementation timescales."

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