Orbcomm: in a grow-or-die market

Orbcomm: in a grow-or-die market

Orbcomm provides satellite communication services in more than 80 countries throughout the world. The company is the sole commercial mobile messaging system provider that is optimized for narrowband communications enabling efficient use of valuable wireless spectrum.

Demand for Orbcomm’s services continues to grow at an accelerated pace as the company added 16,000 net billable subscribers in the first quarter of 2009, registering a total subscriber base of approximately 476,000, an increase of 25.4% year-over-year. Market penetration of M2M data communications devices is anticipated to increase up to 1.5 billion total units by 2012.

A key advantage for Orbcomm over its rivals is its ability to expand the proportion of OEM subscribers to overall billable subscriber communicators. OEM growth is important as it provides strong service revenue streams for the company.

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