OnStar launches Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

OnStar launches Stolen Vehicle Slowdown

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown enables OnStar to help law enforcement to recover subscribers' stolen vehicles without involving high speed car chases, by using built-in technology to remotely slow down the vehicle's engine.

Once an OnStar subscriber has reported a stolen vehicle to law enforcement, he or she can call OnStar and request Stolen Vehicle Assistance. An OnStar advisor will use advanced GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of the stolen vehicle, which will be provided only to law enforcement. Once law enforcement officials have the stolen vehicle in a clear line of sight and know conditions are safe, they can request that the OnStar advisor remotely slow it down.

OnStar will then send a signal to the vehicle's engine, reducing engine power and gradually slowing the vehicle to idle speed while all other vehicle systems remain fully operational including power steering and brakes.

OnStar has offered Stolen Vehicle Assistance services with GPS location since 1996. It now receives approximately 700 Stolen Vehicle Assistance requests every month, and has helped in 38,000 requests over the past twelve years.

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