OnStar launches remote ignition block

OnStar launches remote ignition block

Remote Ignition Block will allow an OnStar Advisor to send a remote signal to a subscriber's stolen vehicle to prevent the vehicle from restarting once the ignition is turned off.

The process can only be activated after a subscriber reports to the authorities that his vehicle has been stolen and requests assistance from OnStar, AND the law enforcement authority confirms to OnStar that the vehicle has indeed been stolen.

The system does not shut down a moving vehicle, but prevents it from restarting once the ignition has been switched off.

Remote Ignition Block builds on OnStar's growing suite of Stolen Vehicle Assistance services, which includes GPS technology that pinpoints a stolen vehicle's exact location and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown®, which can remotely slow a stolen vehicle to idle speed.

OnStar will make Remote Ignition Block available on around two million select GM 2009 and 2010 model year vehicles in the US and Canada.

OnStar receives approximately 600 Stolen Vehicle Assistance requests from subscribers each month.

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