NXP and Siemens develop GPS/GSM-based toll system

NXP and Siemens develop GPS/GSM-based toll system

Once ready for market, it is intended for use in private vehicles. Commercial use is planned for the first half of 2010.

ATOP exploits existing GPS/GSM mobile networks. It is not necessary to install expensive infrastructure such as toll stations.

The on-board unit can be installed within a few minutes. The system is secure and facilitates easy toll collection.

Siemens Mobility and NXP are therefore working together to create a viable, practical solution that combines all the functions for toll collection such as GPS, GPRS and NFC modules. Interfaces for flexible telematics applications such as additional traffic information, including the Smart X high-safety application, will be provided on a single-chip platform, which is fully automotive-grade. Siemens is to develop the on-board unit (OBU) and integrate the single chip and software from NXP.

The ATOP-based on-board unit receives GPS signals and uses GSM-based standard radio technology to transmit data to the central system for toll calculation.

The lifetime of the OBU is not dependent on the lifetime of the vehicle. The system is being developed in such a way that it can be fitted in the vehicle and, in the event of damage, can be easily replaced.

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