Norwegian EV Evangelist Visits New Zealand

Norwegian EV Evangelist Visits New Zealand

A prominent Norwegian advocate for electric vehicle adoption is visiting New Zealand to educate the locals on the supposedly environmentally friendly technology.

Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association (NEVA) secretary general Christina Bu is to discuss what government officials in New Zealand can learn from her country’s government subsidies for EVs, which key industry figures have cited as the main reason for Norway’s status as a world leader in EV uptake. Bu added there would be an international focus to her visit.

She said: “There is massive disruption in the mobility sector happening now. Apart from what is happening in Europe, China is fast moving into the EV market with more than 5.1% market share and advancements in software and AI”. The New Zealand government says it aims for 64,000 EVs to be on its roads by 2021, despite the fact that there are fewer than 11,000 of the vehicles currently registered in the country.

Mark Gilbert, chairman of EV leasing company Drive Electric, claims: “Transport has been, by far, New Zealand’s fastest growing source of emissions … converting our fleets to EVs provides the largest opportunity to transition towards EVs and meeting 2021 targets … we’re delighted that [Bu] can return to New Zealand and believe that the knowledge she brings will be enlightening”.

If the country is serious about converting its fleets to run off electric engines, it will need to ensure the vehicles affected are fitted with the correctly sized batteries in order to avoid the new tech having a counter-productive effect on their emissions levels.

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