Nokia Point & Find joins location-based ad debate

Nokia Point & Find joins location-based ad debate

With an avalanche of new applications stepping up the pace of LBSin the consumer market, a major talking point for the industry is selling price and whether consumers are willing to pay.

All eyes are on location-based advertising as themuch needed revenue stream that application providers have been looking for.

With more and more location aware cell phones and smart phones hitting the market, the opportunity for geo-targeted advertising appears highly attractive.

"When consumers are on the move, brand messages can drive strong call-to-actions if delivered at the right time, in the right place," says Stefano Landi, head of business development at Nokia Point & Find and confirmed panellist at Telematics Update's Navigation & Location USA conference.

"The convergence of mobile technologies allows content providers and advertisers to reach consumers with contextually relevant messages more easily. Nokia Point & Find brings to market an exciting new service to capitalise on the opportunity to deliver relevant content [and advertising] that bridges stronger connections between brands and consumers, simply by pointing a camera phone at real world objects," says Landi.

Another key consideration is content management. With a variety of content available to today’s consumers, the ability to manage varied types and providers so that applications work in sync with minimal effort from the user becomes a more compelling option.

"As more content becomes available in the marketplace it will be important to focus on customer delivery," commented Clint Steiner, senior manager at Garmin. "The ease of use and out of the box experience will play an important role in how customers respond to content. Companies that are able to manage content effectively and make it easily available for customers will succeed in adding revenue to their bottom line."

Clint Steiner and Stefano Landi will be discussing the future business case and opportunities for LBS at the Navigation & Location USA conference in San Jose, on December 2nd -3rd, 2008.

They will be joined by an impressive roster of speakers representing key players such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Alltel Wireless, Loopt, Verizon Wireless, BMW and many more.

To learn more about the conference, the topics and the confirmed speakers, visit:

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