No ban in force on SiRF’s GPS products

No ban in force on SiRF’s GPS products

SiRF has also taken measures to reassure its customers of multiple alternatives to address this initial ruling to enable SiRF customers to continue shipping their products into the US market.

"There is no ban on shipment of SiRF's or our customers' products," said Kanwar Chadha, founder of SiRF Technology, pointing out that the ITC will not even make any final determination until December after they have finished their investigation, including reviewing the ITC staff's appeal and SiFR's appeal.

The initial ruling is subject to review by the ITC. SiRF believes that the ALJ's initial decision is incorrect, and the evidence presented during the trial gives SiRF a strong basis for its appeal to the ITC for its final ruling.

In addition, there will be a remedies briefing process to the ITC that determines the impact, if any, of a ruling on SiRF and SiRF customers' products, which will occur in due course. The final ITC ruling is further subject to a sixty-day Presidential review period, and can then be appealed to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

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