Nissan Shows Off BEV Platform Flexibility

Nissan has published the first official pictures of four new BEV concepts to spice up its industry strategy statements promising every greater climate friendly initiatives.

All four appear to be sharing the same CMF-EV dedicated BEV chassis and first up is what the automaker claims is “A new way to think about mobility” in the shape of the Nissan Chill-out (pictured) billed as “a mobile haven”. The crossover concept promised high levels of comfort and an “energizing driving experience”.

The concepts are part of Nissan EV Technology Vision, a technology study that looks beyond the Ariya and next-generation crossover EV. The technology considers the direction of future EVs and how advancements in battery technology, hardware and packaging can offer customers a wide variety of mobility solutions to match their needs and lifestyles. At the core of this technology is the integration of all solid-state battery (ASSB) technology that integrates with components into a skateboard-like structure that allows for a variety of vehicle types.

Next in line is the Nissan Max-Out concept, a convertible model that aims to deliver stability and comfort. It promises dynamic cornering and steering response balanced with limited body roll to optimize driver and passenger comfort. The two-seater features the ability to morph the seating, flattening into the floor to offer more interior space when desired, making it ideal for drivers with and without passengers.

The Nissan Surf-Out concept aims to provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. The vehicle’s variety of power outputs and low and flat cargo space are aimed to help it go wherever the roads demand. Lastly the Nissan Hang-Out concept is designed to suppress vibrations and jolts, thereby reducing instances of motion sickness and interference while working on the go. Theatre-like seating provides an on-the-go movie nights with family and friends.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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