Nissan Claims Hands-Off Single-Lane Cruising in Next Gen ADAS

Nissan has unveiled its next-generation ADAS suite claiming it will be hands-off autonomous capable in single-lane situations, where regulations allow.

The system, named ProPilot, will be available in Japan on the Nissan Skyline, although the system is likely to be rolled out to models as the first generation has been. Drivers must first set the on-board sat-nav to a destination and drive to the main trunk road, where the ADAS becomes available for single-lane, hands-off cruising, which Nissan says is a world first.

Additionally, the vehicle claims driver assistance in multi-lane situations, such as lane diversions and overtaking. When the vehicle senses that a change in lane is required, visual and audio cues will prompt the driver to place both hands on the steering wheel and confirm the start of the process using a switch. The car will then move into the passing lane and begin the pass, and once completed, will require the driver to confirm whether they want to move back into their original lane, which the driver can do by pressing the switch.

Likewise, if a lane change is required, the driver can place both hands on the steering wheel and press the relevant turn signal. The car will then detect when it is safe to change lanes, and do so at the correct time. When leaving the trunk road, audio and visual cues will alert the driver that the assisted driving will end imminently. Once the car has fully exited, the system will disengage, and the driver will have full manual control.

A combination of cameras, radars, sonar, GPS and high definition maps are used in the ADAS, giving the vehicle a 360-degree ‘vision’ plus its location on the road. Sensors in the cabin monitor that the driver’s attention is fully on the road at all times, even when cruise mode is activated and the driver’s hands are off the steering wheel and pedals.

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