Nissan BEV Takes on Pole-to-Pole Challenge

Nissan hopes to prove its BEV technology’s robust potential by taking on a Pole-to-Pole challenge with its modified Ariya e-4ORCE.

The vehicle is preparing to embark on the world-first electric car expedition from the magnetic North Pole to the South Pole. Arctic Trucks, a specialist in polar expedition vehicles, has collaborated with the automaker’s design and engineering teams to prepare the expedition Ariya for conditions that will include ice fields, deep snow, mountain climbs and desert dunes.

The vehicle has been modified with a custom rugged exterior, raised suspension and flared wheel arches to accommodate larger tires and additional body kit. However, Nissan says modifications to the car have been intentionally minimal keeping the original battery-electric powertrain and featuring the dual-motor setup and all-wheel drive system, e-4ORCE developed, exclusively for electric and electrified powertrains.

Among the less obvious modification is a welcoming lounge-like interior, the vehicle has been fitted with a built-in espresso machine to keep British adventurer couple, Chris and Julie Ramsey, in some comfort on their journey to reach the South Pole. Matthew Weaver, vice-president, Nissan Design Europe, said: “With the Ariya, our team globally, poured their hearts and souls into the car and made this very special product. We designed this car with a vision that it would be fulfilling its role in many environments.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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