NIO OTA Update Causes Test Drive Standstill

NIO OTA Update Causes Test Drive Standstill

A test driver for Chinese electric vehicle start-up NIO was left trapped with a company representative inside one of its SUVs.

The pair were test driving NIO‘s ES8 SUV in downtown Beijing when the driver accidentally triggered an over-the-air software update. This made the technologies affected by the update shut down and the vehicle come to a complete standstill, causing a major traffic jam on Chang’an Avenue. The employees were trapped inside the car for over an hour, unable to even wind the windows down, with police eventually being called to the scene.

When contacted for comment, a company spokesperson said OTA updates should only be carried out when NIO’s vehicles are safely parked and not in operation and the test driver received a message clearly warning her of this but then triggered the update anyway. NIO posted an apology on Chinese social media saying it would review its OTA update processes in light of the incident.

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