NHTSA Announcement to Cause Vehicle Communications Market Explosion

NHTSA Announcement to Cause Vehicle Communications Market Explosion

The much anticipated announcement will no doubt be welcomed by the automotive safety industry that has been waiting for a signal to stride ahead with these advanced communications technologies.  The announcement details the next steps for NHTSA and their intentions to mandate the technology with the power to save lives on the roads.

David McNamara president of McNamara Technology Solutions, a consulting expert on active safety and wireless technology, noted the positive message in the announcement saying;

‘This is indeed encouraging. Since 2003 I have followed and participated in the development of DSRC and these important safety and mobility apps. The key statement is that "NHTSA will then begin working on a regulatory proposal that would require V2V devices in new vehicles in a future year, consistent with applicable legal requirements, Executive Orders, and guidance."…In my opinion the key word in the statement is "require V2V devices". Like all policy and regulatory action the "devil will be in the details", and it will be important to see at what pace in which the details are made know to us.’

With regulation now clearly on the horizon it is time to prepare your strategy for this rapidly expanding market. Telematics Update’s Advanced Automotive Safety USA 2014 (July 8-9, 2014, Novi, Michigan) conference will provide all the knowledge and insight to enable you to capitalize on this inevitable explosion of industry activity. Forming new partnerships, understanding key opportunities and challenges and aligning your product with regulatory procedure are integral to ROI success.

For more information on the agenda and speaker line up download the exclusive conference brochure: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/advancedsafety

After months of independent research into the Advanced Automotive Safety market in the US, Telematics Update uncovered the following topics for in- depth discussion at the conference;

· The Future Of Intelligent Transport Systems

· Human vs. Machine- The Great Debate on Autonomous Vehicles!

· Optimizing Data Processing

· Alternate Devices for Increased Market Penetration

· Creating Value For Consumers

· The Blame Game, Where Does Liability Lie?

The event will gather industry fore-runners from ITS America, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Denso, Center for Automotive Research, CVTA, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, UMTRI, AASHTO and many more.

150+ executives (OEMs, government, tier 1 and supplier executives) are set to attend the conference and define the next steps toward the dawn of a new era of intelligent transportation.

For more information on upcoming exclusive discounts and to download the exclusive conference brochure go to: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/advancedsafety

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