New Research Explores the Automotive HMI Market in China

Many car buyers now care more about in-car technology than leather stitching or horsepower. This makes Automotive HMI more important than ever. Automotive HMI solutions are the features, displays, and components that allow users to engage with vehicle software and hardware. Understanding consumer expectations for HMI is essential to the in-car experience and adoption of car features. But, user preferences vary regionally, with China, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, leading the way in HMI development.

Do you understand how China is using next-generation design and technology to transform the in-car experience? Or what drivers in this influential market expect from their vehicles? A new report, “Understanding Car HMI specifics in China,” explores these questions, and more.

The research report presents key themes, OEM examples, and design trends that define this influential market. Download the report to discover:

  • The new world of HMI design
  • How apps are shaping in-car experiences
  • The future of infotainment systems
  • Trends and examples of in-car assistants, or cobots
  • The role HMI plays in driving adoption of autonomous and electric vehicle technology
  • What drivers really want from their cars

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