New Alliance Deal Focused on European BEV Collaboration

The Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance has agreed to collaborate in several new projects targeting the European BEV market as part of their new Alliance deal.

Reuters reports that while there are also some minor product collaborations also agreed for Latin America and India, the bulk of the companies’ new focus will be on the lucrative BEV segment on the European continent. For example, Renault and Mitsubishi with use the platforms for the Renault Captur and Clio to develop two new vehicles with the next-generation ASX and Colt based on the CMF-B platform.

Also Renault would launch FlexEVan on the LCV market, as its first Software-Defined Vehicle from 2026 and share it with Nissan in Europe. For their line-ups beyond 2026, Nissan and Renault would also explore possible collaborations on the next generation of C-segment BEVs. The pair will also continue sharing technologies on their European cars, including potential usage of common 800-volt architecture.

These initiatives would build on existing commitments including plans for the future Nissan compact B-segment BEV, based on CMF-BEV platform, to be produced at Renault’s ElectriCity facility in France from 2026. The scope of collaboration would also cover distribution, aftersales and sales financing. The three automakers said they were working on shared opportunities within the distribution network to support and increase dealer profitability and reduce costs.

Collaboration on charging infrastructure could also be stepped up with the companies considering jointly deploying charging infrastructure in Europe at both Renault and Nissan dealerships. The pair also plan to select common battery recycling partners for their end-of-life batteries and production scraps.

Renault and Nissan will also jointly market a couple of pick-up trucks for the Argentinian market while, in Mexico, Nissan will produce a new model for Renault, making it the first of the French branded vehicle to be produced there in 20 years. The pair will also market two common accessible A‑segment BEVs, both based on the CMF-AEV (Common Module Family) platform.

For the Indian market and for export, Renault and Nissan would collaborate on several new vehicle projects including new SUVs shared by both automakers and a new Nissan vehicle derived from the Renault Triber.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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