Networkcar introduces Activity Alerts

Networkcar introduces Activity Alerts

Activity Alerts is a new alert system that commercial fleets can use to create e-mail or SMS alerts for specific vehicle events.

Events include conditions that exceed user-defined limits, e.g. excessive speed or extended idle time, or geo-fence incursion / excursion.

In addition to simple alerts, Networkfleet's Activity Alerts allows fleet managers to create an escalation path of notifications to management as the severity of the alert conditions increases.

The system creates a report/log that summarises all alerts triggered for a given date range, with the ability to sort or filter results based on vehicle group, vehicle, landmark or geofence.

The alert system is a new capability of the Networkfleet® wireless fleet management system that combines patented remote diagnostic systems with GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology to reduce fleet operating costs.

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