NAVTEQ to acquire T-Systems Traffic

NAVTEQ to acquire T-Systems Traffic

T-Traffic specialises in the development of high-quality traffic products and navigation services for the automotive and telecommunications industries. T-Traffic provides of traffic information in Germany including major PND and automotive customers, and its traffic services include data from private sources.

T-Traffic holds technologies related to all primary forms of traffic flow data collection, including community and probe sourced traffic data, cellular network data, and fixed sensor networks. These technologies complement NAVTEQ's existing capabilities that have been successfully deployed in North America.

NAVTEQ intends to incorporate T-Traffic extraction and processing capabilities into the development of best-in-class traffic worldwide. When used together with community and probe based traffic data sourced from navigation devices and cellular telephones, this technology will enable rapid rollout of traffic solutions around the world.

T-Traffic also provides telematics and capabilities that complement NAVTEQ's connected services. Connected services are essential to making the NAVTEQ map easy to access and work with.

The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to be completed in 2009.

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