NAVTEQ releases 2008 map update study results

NAVTEQ releases 2008 map update study results

NAVTEQ says that the study, which was conducted the study in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK, reveals high levels of awareness of map updates across Europe.

The study shows that 83% of navigation system owners are aware that map updates are available, with the majority of consumers updating their maps on average every ten months.

In fact, awareness of map updates has risen since a similar study was conducted in 2006, when 79% of respondents indicated awareness.

With the increasing realisation of the importance of fresh map information, 75% of respondents now says they would like to receive reminders to update the maps in their systems – compared to just 42% in 2006.

The study also reveals that:

  • Map coverage, road changes and new POIs are rated the most important reasons to buy a map update
  • Behavioural motivators for purchasing an update included areas such as confidence, safety and efficiency
  • Given than nearly half of European drivers use navigation systems for leisure activities every month, there is specific interest in updates for information on holiday and leisure destinations

"Regular map updates allow your navigation system to reach its full potential," said Jeff Mize, executive vice president at NAVTEQ. "With a map update, drivers are able to maintain routing accuracy as well as efficient route planning on their journeys."

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