NAVTEQ launches Virtual Developer Lab, as Masternaut releases Rapide Android app

NAVTEQ launches Virtual Developer Lab, as Masternaut releases Rapide Android app

NAVTEQ launched the NAVTEQ Virtual Developer Lab, a remote testing service designed to reduce the time and resources required to develop, test, monitor, and deploy mobile phone applications. The Virtual Developer Lab specifically supports the development and pre-commercial testing of location-aware apps that use NAVTEQ maps and content on any mobile operating platform. Additionally, the Virtual Developer Lab helps prepare developers for commercial opportunities with device manufacturers, operators, and app stores around the world.

“The large number of devices and operating systems on different networks around the globe makes it very difficult for any one firm to adequately test location-based applications,” said Marc Naddell, vice president, partner and developer programs, NAVTEQ. “With the NAVTEQ Virtual Developer Lab, developers can get instant remote access from anywhere in the world to real handsets in live carrier networks for testing to make sure their applications perform as intended.” The NAVTEQ Virtual Developer Lab is powered by DeviceAnywhere and supports LBS application testing on a location-aware mobile device, ranging from smartphones to feature phones. Members of the NAVTEQ Network for Developers can participate in a free trial of the Virtual Developer Lab and receive discounted testing rates.

Telmap partnerships in France and the UK

Telmap launched Orange Maps navigation, a free GPS navigation, mapping, and local search service through Orange France. Orange Maps navigation will be included on all GPS-enabled devices as part of all Origami tariff plans that come with data packages. It will allow users to search for and access up-to-date information from a variety of content providers and to perform pedestrian and mobile navigation. The service includes coverage of 26 European countries and Telmap’s innovative widgets carousel, which allows for easy discovery of local weather and POIs. “Orange France is an innovative operator who fully understands the power of location-based services and users’ need for up-to-date information while on the-go,” said Oren Nissim, Telmap CEO.

Telmap also announced a partnership with Ordnance Survey (OS), the UK’s national mapping agency. Ordnance Survey’s POI database covers England, Scotland, and Wales and includes roughly four million different geographic data points. The database offers a mass of local content, direct access to many businesses, tourist attractions, and other destinations such as banks, ATMs, and post offices. Telmap will integrate OS’s database into Telmap’s location-based services to provide richer POI information in the UK.

Masternaut Android app

Masternaut released the Rapide Android app, a vehicle-tracking application for Android smartphones. The Web-based service allows users to keep track of company vehicles and fleets on smartphones and tablet PCs from manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Sony Ericsson. The Android development follows the introduction of an Apple iPhone version of the app earlier this year. The Rapide Android app offers the core functionalities of the live Masternaut service on a mobile device, which gives fleet and service engineering managers a real-time link to important operational information whenever they are away from the office. Managers can monitor the exact movement of their entire fleets with instant updates tracked by global positioning satellites.

Quartix and Coverbox

Quartix signed a contract to supply Coverbox with its latest generation vehicle tracking systems. Coverbox is one of Europe’s leading Pay as You Drive insurance brands. Its service offers refunds if mileage is less than anticipated or if driving is limited to off-peak periods. Since product launch last year, Coverbox has rapidly taken leadership of the UK market for telematics-based insurance, with 17,000 units already installed. Quartix will be installing approximately 1,200 telematics units per month. The company’s involvement will begin as soon as customers place an order for insurance on the Web. The customer’s details and chosen installation time and date will be supplied to Quartix by XML file exchange, and Quartix will contact the customer to arrange installation.

Trimble and Tata

Trimble acquired Tata AutoComp Mobility Telematics Limited (TMT), a leading provider of telematics solutions and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) services in India. TMT serves large customers like Bharat Petroleum Corp. and Tata Group companies like Tata Motors. The acquisition is expected to expand Trimble’s MRM solutions portfolio and allow the company to better address markets in India. TMT solutions are marketed under the “trako” brand. In addition to providing vehicle tracking, TMT offers a broad range of specialty telematics solutions, like school bus applications that provide location information to parents via the Internet and waste truck management applications that track collection and service vehicles and monitor waste pick-up schedules by geo-coding waste bins.

Lysanda and Sycada

Lysanda, the leading provider of advanced technology for vehicle fuel savings, announced an agreement to supply Sycada with CO2 and fuel reduction capabilities for corporate fleets. Sycada is the leader in mobile data communication solutions in Benelux. Its eco-friendly telematics division, Sycada.Green, will offer Lysanda’s suite of Eco-Log devices, including Eco-Log Lite and Micro, alongside its CO2 and fuel reduction program globally. The partnership represents a shared vision to help reduce fleet running costs by accurately monitoring fuel consumption data for vehicles. “Sycada.Green is committed to pushing the green agenda forward, and accurate data on fuel consumption and wastage is a vital element in improving operational fleet efficiency,” said Kristian Winge, CEO, Sycada.Green. “Our agreement with Lysanda allows us to combine this data with our telematics technologies, helping our customers further reduce emissions and costs.”

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