NAVTEQ launches enhanced Traffic Patterns™ for Europe and Traffic™ in France

NAVTEQ launches enhanced Traffic Patterns™ for Europe and Traffic™ in France

The newest version of Traffic Patterns for Europe includes typical traffic speeds on 120,000 km of primary and secondary roads across the UK, as well as nearly 200,000 km of similar coverage for Germany.

Traffic Patterns for Europe also now includes speed values in 15-minute intervals, to provide the most relevant historical traffic information for specific times of day.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is created using observations from GPS probe and sensor data collected over multiple years, which is aggregated, verified and matched to traffic location codes in the NAVTEQ Map database.

NAVTEQ has also announced an agreement with Autoroutes Trafic, a partnership of nine French motorway operators, for French traffic data that will become a key component of the NAVTEQ Traffic real-time traffic offering in France.

Autoroutes Trafic is the sole source of proprietary traffic data on more than 9,000 km of French motorways, and broadly licenses its data to service providers in France to disseminate this information to the general public and to commercialise the content. This traffic data includes flow data from fixed sensors installed on motorways and within public road networks in urban areas, and incident data, which is provided exclusively by the motorway operators' patrol and safety services organisations.

NAVTEQ Traffic is a comprehensive data gathering and aggregation solution that links up-to-the minute traffic information to map data. It enables wireless transmission directly to vehicle on-board navigation systems, PNDs and cell phones.

NAVTEQ Traffic is currently available in North America, Germany, and now France, and the company is expanding its traffic product portfolio to include additional European countries.

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