NAVTEQ joins Mobile Alliance

NAVTEQ joins Mobile Alliance

The aim is to support mobile developers in Singapore by jointly developing strategic initiatives to drive LBS application development.

Through NAVTEQ Network for DevelopersTM (NN4D), developers benefit from free sample map data and LBS content, access to leading platforms, tools and APIs, as well as technical documentation, white papers, developer support, webinars, discussion forums, etc.

NAVTEQ map data are platform agnostic and can be accessed from any platform and any device.

"Asia is becoming a developer hotbed," said Marc Naddell, NAVTEQ's vice president of partner & developer programs, adding that it is important to work with players from the whole value-chain to jointly discuss and solve issues around LBS end-to-end.

"Today, it is not so much about technical issues but commercial adoption of LBS, including new business models and the introduction of location-based advertising, to stimulate consumer adoption."

The Mobile Alliance of Singapore is an association of mobile software companies, focused on supporting the development of mobile software and applications.

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