NAVTEQ expands Motorway Junction Objects to Europe

NAVTEQ expands Motorway Junction Objects to Europe

Now available for more than 6,000 locations across Europe, Motorway Junction Objects enables nav systems to generate 3D junction animations and help guide drivers through decision points at complex intersections on roads such as the M1 in the UK.

3D animation of each junction can be generated so drivers can instantly recognise visual cues in complicated situations.

The data is designed to work seamlessly with NAVTEQ's other visual content such as Sign-As-Real, 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks.

Motorway Junction Objects is available in three levels of detail to accommodate a wide variety of hardware and software configurations.

The texturing used in the 3D models can also be customised by system manufacturers to create a unique look and feel in order to differentiate their products from competition and adhere to their own brand guidelines.

The product enables different view angles for displaying the situation ahead of the driver e.g. in bird's eye-view or as seen from a driver's perspective.

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