NAVTEQ dynamic content delivery for HD Radio(TM) systems unveiled in North America

NAVTEQ dynamic content delivery for HD Radio(TM) systems unveiled in North America

NAVTEQ announced the availability of NAVTEQ dynamic content for portable navigation devices and automobile in-dash systems over HD Radio systems.

NAVTEQ's HD Radio format capability allows for broader, faster and more comprehensive delivery of a wide variety of dynamic content including traffic, weather and fuel prices. The high capacity of HD Radio technology allows NAVTEQ to deliver up-to-the-minute dynamic content to consumers when and where they need it most.

NAVTEQ, in conjunction with the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, LLC (BTC), is delivering dynamic content via the BTC's industry-leading radio companies, which includes nearly 1,500 radio stations and more than twice as many FM stations as any other North American broadcaster. Available in 60 U.S. markets, NAVTEQ and BTC's high-bandwidth HD Radio network offers up to 40 times greater capacity over current technologies such as RDS.

HD Radio technology also expands the capabilities of NAVTEQ LocationPoint(TM) Advertising, a turnkey solution for subsidizing high value content services, while enabling advertisers to reach and engage consumers where and when they are making shopping and purchasing decisions. Detailed graphics, imagery, sound and mobile coupons, not available using other distribution formats, can be transmitted utilizing HD Radio technology.

"Delivering NAVTEQ dynamic content using HD Radio technology opens the door to a richer navigation experience. Today, it offers customers an innovative way to receive the broadest and most comprehensive dynamic content for delivery to drivers and pedestrians," said John MacLeod, executive vice president, NAVTEQ Connected Services. "In conjunction with the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium's scalable and reliable HD Radio network, NAVTEQ is poised for continued expansion of dynamic content offerings and innovative business models benefitting customers and consumers."

NVTEQ to speak at Telematics Update's flagship show Telematics Detroit 2009.

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