NAVTEQ Discover Cities™ reaches Johannesburg

NAVTEQ Discover Cities™ reaches Johannesburg

Adding Johannesburg to NAVTEQ Discover Cities was a natural development, given the importance of this city as a major tourist and sporting destination in 2010 and beyond.

Many newly developed areas and POIs were added to the city landscape and have been incorporated into the product.

The 100-city achievement is particularly significant given the sheer depth and complexity of the pedestrian navigation data collected by NAVTEQ specialists, based on a single, global specification.

NAVTEQ Discover Cities features more than fifty pedestrian-specific attributes, ranging from footbridges and park paths, to public transport access points and stop locations, as well as shortcuts through parks, plazas and publicly accessible buildings – including time of day restrictions.

NAVTEQ also works closely with public transport operators, sourcing information about schedule updates and new access points to help application providers deliver the best routing options to pedestrians on the go.

Discover Cities already powers several on-foot commercially available devices and applications throughout the world including: Garmin's CityXplorerTM maps, Networks In Motion (NIM) GokivoTM Navigator for the Blackberry and Ovi Maps by Nokia.

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