NAVTEQ announces developments in the US

NAVTEQ announces developments in the US

In the US, the number of turn-by-turn nav users has surged past the fifty million mark.

The US TBT navigation user base comprises 9+ million embedded in-vehicle navigation systems, 30+ million PNDs and more than 18 million mobile navigation downloads.

The march towards mass market adoption will be largely boosted by the proliferation of mobile app stores such as those offered by Apple and Blackberry, where TBT nav solutions are starting to appear.

Over the last three months, seven of the eight navigation applications introduced in these stores were powered by NAVTEQ map data.

NAVTEQ has also announced that GPS data from Nokia handsets is now being integrated into NAVTEQ TrafficTM products in North America.

Currently in the initial stages of integration into NAVTEQ Traffic data feeds, Nokia GPS data will bolster NAVTEQ Traffic PatternsTM, which enables accurate route planning and improves trip time estimates based on likely or historic, traffic conditions.

The addition of Nokia GPS data, collected anonymously from millions of Nokia handsets, will expand NAVTEQ Traffic coverage to include more traffic data collection on main arteries, as well as primary and secondary roads.

Nokia data is collected anonymously from handsets and delivered to NAVTEQ Traffic for aggregation with other traffic data sources and quality verification. The aggregation of Nokia GPS data provides that individual consumer privacy is protected.

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