NAVTEQ acquires Acuity Mobile

NAVTEQ acquires Acuity Mobile

NAVTEQ made an investment in Acuity Mobile in March 2008, and the acquisition of the US-based company underscores NAVTEQ's commitment to and investment in location-based advertising technology and solutions.

Earlier this year, NAVTEQ launched LocationPointTM Advertising, which enables advertisers to reach and engage consumers where and when they are making shopping and purchasing decisions.NAVTEQ has been leveraging Acuity Mobile technologies to meet the increasing demand for location-aware advertising services as the volume of location-aware devices and applications has grown.

Acuity Mobile's embedded mobile advertising platform (eMAP) technology enables precise location targeted advertising. The company provides platform-independent, real-time, interactive content that can be targeted based on relevance of offer, recipient preferences and exact location.

The service supports robust campaign management, tracking and reporting as well as APIs for integration into marketing databases providing content, promotions and advertising to virtually any application on any platform.

NAVTEQ LocationPoint enables clients to target consumers with geographic precision. In turn, consumers will have advertising move with them, as their mobile mapping applications present ads, offers, coupons, or other promotions based on their preferences. Advertising capabilities include audio, rich graphics, or calls to action such as routing to the closest advertiser storefront.

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