Navman Wireless launches privacy function

Navman Wireless launches privacy function

The feature, a button located on vehicle dashboards, will make vehicle tracking even more attractive to businesses providing company cars – particularly those running sales fleets.

The button allows drivers to toggle between business and private mileage modes, concealing all vehicle movements from the system’s on-screen tracking software when in private mode.

“From optimising journey times and enabling businesses to manage vehicles more economically, the benefits of vehicle tracking have been well documented – to date however, the sales fleet sector has taken a cautious approach to adopting the technology,” said Steve Blackburn, European Vice President, Navman Wireless.

“Best estimates suggest the sector accounts for around two per cent of the UK telematics industry, with many employees having harboured concerns about their employers’ motives for installing tracking in their vehicles.

“Considering the hefty tax bills employees face for the privilege of running a company car for private use, these concerns are understandable. However, this new function represents a real step forward in overcoming driver objections.”

While all location and journey information remains hidden when in private mode, the new feature still allows Navman Wireless customers to easily access mileage data.

With this information, users can create detailed mileage expense reports at the touch of a button and export them directly into company accounts – eradicating the time-consuming processes of mileage claims for drivers and freeing up their accounts departments.

“Removing these laborious administration procedures will prove popular amongst employees,” explained Steve.

“It will also make clear the wealth of benefits that tracking technology brings, not just to employers but to employees too.”

Moreover, businesses are also able to generate graphical representations of private and business mileage volumes over specified periods of time – giving employers the ability to settle any discrepancies which may arise.

In this new addition, Navman Wireless is confident that a significant hurdle has been removed for managers wanting to introduce vehicle tracking to their fleets.

Steve concluded: “This new feature means both employers and employees will find it far easier to appreciate the unequivocal benefits of vehicle tracking.”

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