Navitime Japan to discuss next-gen nav applications at Navigation & Location USA event

Navitime Japan to discuss next-gen nav applications at Navigation & Location USA event

NAVITIME JAPAN will impart its experience and expertise gained in the Japanese market, with a specific focus on how pedestrian navigation has taken off in Japan. Navitime will also share best practice advice on how to captivate consumers with pedestrian navigation applications.

With an established presence in Japan and considerable experience as a pedestrian navigation provider, Navitime will discuss the potential of pedestrian navigation and present the case for pedestrian navigation beyond Japan at the Navigation & Location USA conference in San Jose.

"In Japan, public transportation is the main means of transport for a large portion of the population. People regularly search for train or subway transit information, and keep a pocket size map or a print-out map on hand to help them reach their final destinations," explains Kanji Morishima, general manager of the Navitime Japan's Global Business division.

"Navitime has integrated public transportation transit algorism with route search technology, and, replacing the traditional search methods, our service has been accepted very well by the market."

Whilst pedestrian navigation is already out in full force in the Japanese market, the US mass market is yet to experience this type of navigation. But Morishima recognises that there is an opportunity for pedestrian navigation beyond Japan: "I believe there is great potential for pedestrian navigation in the overseas market – especially in cities."

Morishima will speak about pedestrian navigation at the Navigation & Location USA conference in December. The industry is at a defining moment where the winning applications are still being contested and the favourite device has yet to be determined.

"The wave of next-generation services and content is imminent," says Puja Pankhania, event director at Telematics Update. "With an influx of new applications entering the market everyday, the LBS landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. The time to devise cross-channel partnerships and specific business models has become imperative – now more than ever."

Telematics Update's Navigation & Location USA 2008 conference has been created as a platform for visionary companies in the navigation & LBS arena who are keen to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead for the industry.

With Google and Magellan contributing to the discussion on cross-platform business models, Verizon and T-Mobile exploring connected services, and Loopt portraying the outlook for mobile social mapping, the event truly encapsulates the key industry trends and emerging opportunities.

See the event agenda, where traffic, local search and positioning technologies are all up for discussion. To learn more about the conference, the topics and the confirmed speakers visit:

Confirmed speakers include senior executives from TomTom, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Loopt, BMW, Verizon Wireless, Dash Navigation, Mercedes Benz, Magellan, Hughes Telematics, MIO and more.

For more information about this event, e-mail Puja Pankhania at [email protected] or phone +44 207 375 7563, or 1 800 814 3459 ext 251 (US toll-free)

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