NAVIGON expands lifetime real-time traffic updates for free

NAVIGON expands lifetime real-time traffic updates for free

In 2007, NAVIGON shattered the subscription model when it became the first to offer lifetime traffic updates out of the box on its top-tier models.

NAVIGON now offers traffic updates for free as a built-in feature across the product suite.

Using real-time traffic information delivered via an FM receiver built into each device, NAVIGON's newest generation of products will enable 200 million consumers in 95 North American markets to receive traffic updates with no subscription, no extra hardware required and no strings attached – for life.

NAVIGON's Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life is live as soon as the user turns the unit on. Users receive real-time traffic alerts through iconic on-screen warnings indicating incidents and congestion along the current route. The NAVIGON devices provide detailed information regarding the severity of the incident as well as routing options around the congestion.

Earlier this year, the company introduced NAVIGON FreshMaps, providing up to twelve map updates for three years for little more than most GPS device providers charge for a single map update.

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