NAVIGON adds Last Mile and E-Compass for pedestrians

NAVIGON adds Last Mile and E-Compass for pedestrians

The new functions – NAVIGON Last Mile and E-Compass – are the ideal additions to the NAVIGON Clever Parking feature.

NAVIGON Clever Parking directs the driver to the appropriate parking space without circling the block;

NAVIGON Last Mile guides the user in pedestrian mode, and the E-Compass refines the user's position co-ordinates in addition to the GPS signal.

When the car is parked, the device automatically saves its position and immediately launches the pedestrian nav system with directions to the final destination. On the way back, the user can select the saved destination "My Vehicle" for guidance back to his car.

Pedestrian navigation is a fixed component of the NAVIGON MobileNavigator Software in devices using the Android and Symbian S60 3rd Editionoperating systems.

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