Navento launches GeoPing on global market


The initial release of GeoPing is compatible with Facebook and Nokia GPS-enabled mobile phones. Other social networks and more mobile phones will be supported in future releases.

Millions of people use networks like Facebook or MySpace, and these networks have become the darlings of hi-tech investments, with increased market valuations due in no small way to Microsoft's investment in Facebook late last year.

The release of GeoPing marks the first time Navento US will make its GPS and LBS services available as an entertaining mass tracking and sharing mobile service to the online social networks.

Navento US aims to make its location products work not only with mobile phones, but also with location and tracking devices.

Navento is managed under the Naverggi Holding Avanzit Group, which is also a 30% stakeholder in US-based start-up company, Berggi.

Getting started

Facebook is currently reviewing geoPING for its portal listing. According to Chuck Monte, product management director at Berggi, this could take up to five days. Meanwhile, users can use this link to add GeoPing to their facebook profile:

Once added, the application has is a link for downloading the mobile client to select Nokia GPS-enabled phones.

When Facebook lists GeoPing as an available application, users will be able to register for it in Facebook using just their email account and mobile phone number. Once registered, users will receive a mobile text message that will direct them to download the GeoPing application to their Nokia GPS-enabled mobile phone.

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