NAV-TV provides connectivity for Merc and Porche

NAV-TV provides connectivity for Merc and Porche

NAV-TV has announced engineering breakthroughs that will allow connectivity of aftermarket consumer electronics with a multi-featured integration interface designed specifically for Mercedes Benz NTG3 and Porsche PCM3 platform radios.

Mercedes NTG3 provides connectivity solutions for seamless integration of backup camera, audio and video A/V input, rear seat entertainment (RSE) and video in motion into the factory stereo. Porsche PCM3 offers a seamless back-up camera solution. Both provide control of the devices directly from the factory head unit and steering wheel controls.

NAV-TV's Mercedes offerings are compatible on the 2009 Model Year Mercedes SUV's: GL, ML, R-Class, equipped with next-generation radios based on the NTG3 platform; the Porsche offerings are compatible on 2009 Porsche sports cars and Cayenne SUVs with the PCM3 platform radio. Future models will be announced as they are validated by NAV-TV R&D.

NAV-TV has also announced the release of the TOOKI OEM Bluetooth solution for 2003 – 2008 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The NAV-TV TOOKI-MB allows for full integration to Mercedes vehicles with the MOST® fibre optic network, and is compatible with either standard or navigation radios. Designed, engineered and validated to look and feel like a factory installed system, it is also specifically designed to be dealer- and or user-upgradeable for phone upgrades and future product enhancements via Bluetooth or USB.

Unlike other Bluetooth kits, TOOKI-MB integrates directly with the vehicle's network and radio, enabling the drivers use the buttons on the radio and steering wheel to place, answer and terminate calls.

Based on the Parrot® Bluetooth OEM chipset, the TOOKI solution supports a wide variety of phones, including Blackberry and Smartphone devices.

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