Nav software pirates nabbed at CeBIT


A Chinese company was promoting itself and its products as iGO My way, which later proved to be cracked software copies.

Vendors in two other booths, who spoke very convincingly about their strong relationships with NNG Global Services, were found to be using pirated iGO My way navigation software on their navigation devices.

One company quoted a special price for the software, which, it claimed, was the result of an agreement with NNG Global Services.

However, the Hungarian software development company has never heard of the companies in question.

"The vendors will have to take responsibility not only for selling pirated software, but also for infringement of NNG Global Services trademarks," commented András Fazakas, chief operating officer at NNG Global Services.

In other news, NNG Global Services has announced a global partnership with Chinese state-owned Zhonghuan Navigation Technology.

The companies intend to co-operate very closely on the global market as well as on the fast-growing Chinese market to maximise their actual potential.

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