Muscle Eight-Liter Engine Behind 304mph Bugatti

An 8.0-liter, W16 cylinder engine powered the Bugatti Chiron hypercar to 304.77mph, making it the world’s fastest production car.

The engine has been developed by Volkswagen for use in Bugatti cars, specifically in the Chiron’s predecessor, the Veyron. It’s also quad-turbocharged, with two turbochargers on each side of the engine to deliver produces 1,458bhp in the ‘basic’ Chiron. In the Super Sport version that driver Andy Wallace took to the new record, the engine had been ramped up to 1,578bhp. Torque wise, it generates a staggering 921ft-lbs.

The production version of the car has been electronically limited to 261mph but it was widely known to be capable of more than that. Unsurprisingly, fuel consumption is low, at 12.55 mpg (10.45 mpg US), with emissions at 516g/km.

While the Super Sport Chiron that was used is not available to buy, it’s possible Bugatti will make an extremely limited edition run of it, featuring the engine enhancements and the ‘long tail’ which made it extra slippery through the air, as well as the missing airbrake and rear wing to reduce drag even more. If marketed, it is expected to retail at around $3M.

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