MSN Direct closes the loop between PC and vehicle

MSN Direct closes the loop between PC and vehicle

The API is an extension of the MSN Direct feature initially launched at International CES earlier this year.

With this updated version, MSN Direct allows any website to offer visitors the ability to send addresses, business listings, or other locations directly from the site to a GPS unit, either wirelessly or via a USB connection.

The wireless delivery is compatible with MSN Direct-enabled devices that have the Send to GPS feature, including several units from Garmin, such as the nüvi series of devices with the optional MSN Direct receiver. USB delivery is also compatible with the majority of remaining Garmin navigators.

A number of MSN Direct partners, including Garmin and Alpine Electronics, plan to ship or are already shipping GPS products that are compatible with the MSN Direct Send to GPS feature.

For developers, the API is free, simple to integrate and uses standard web programming techniques.

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