Moves to Mandate in-Vehicle Rescue Tech

Moves to Mandate in-Vehicle Rescue Tech

A US fire service regulator is considering mandating deployment of in-car technology allowing firefighters to directly contact a vehicle’s occupants.

On Wednesday, members of the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901 Technical Committee are to vote on whether to mandate procurement of fire trucks with technology allowing firefighters to deliver real-time alerts to a connected vehicle’s occupants about their journey status, enabling that vehicle to move out of their way. The alerts are delivered via smartphone apps and a vehicle’s infotainment system, and Ford is currently developing technology of this type.

The aim of this technology is ‘collision prevention’. A University of Minnesota study claimed there was a 60% to 90% lower rate of collisions among users of these ‘advanced warning devices’ than there was among drivers who didn’t use them. HAAS Alert is a maker of these devices, and its CEO, Cory Hohs, unsurprisingly wants the NFPA to vote for mandatory inclusion of them in fire trucks. Brad Brown, Grand Rapids, Michigan’s assistant chief firefighter, has already confirmed that “collision prevention technology will be required on all our vehicles and apparatus”.

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