Most UK Fleet Managers Expect Pre-2028 Electrification

Most UK Fleet Managers Expect Pre-2028 Electrification

A survey has found 89% of UK fleet managers expect their fleets to be dominated by electric trucks before 2028.

The overwhelming statistic was uncovered in a study conducted for fleet services software maker Geotab by Censuswide, and comes despite the fact that 46% of the 250 managers surveyed were currently operating no electric trucks within their fleets at all. A similarly overwhelming portion of respondents (88%) said they expected the UK government to introduce regulations regarding fleet electrification.

“Government incentives” and “improvements in charging infrastructure” were the two factors most commonly cited by respondents as motivations for electrification, at 48% each. The most commonly cited benefit was reduced pollution, which 59% of respondents said they saw as the main positive impact of fleet electrification. However, a Geotab statement added that “major barriers” to adoption of electric trucks still existed, such as “high vehicle costs, long charging times, and the low-distance range of today’s vehicles”.

Additionally, 31% of managers questioned said their telematics providers did not currently support EVs, 16% said between 26% and 50% of their fleets were comprised of electric trucks, and less than 2% said there would be no benefits to electrification at all. Geotab Europe vice-president Edward Kulperger commented: “It’s clear that businesses and fleets feel they now need additional government initiatives and smart updates to critical infrastructure across the UK. If this can be made a priority … Geotab is confident that the UK can take a spot as one of the most innovative global leaders … [in] adoption of green transportation”.

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