Morgan Commits to Ford Powered ICE Three-Wheeler

Iconic British sportscar brand, Morgan, has announced it is developing ab ICE powered replacement for its popular Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Fans of the lightweight, stripped-out, rear wheel drifting fun of the two-front-single-rear-wheel format will also welcome the use of a Ford naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine as the partner for the new car. The choice of powertrain restores Morgan’s link with Ford which began as far back as 1933.

Having previously promised “The Morgan 3 Wheeler will return”, this announcement of a new model has not yet confirmed the name for the new three-wheeled model. However, it hopes to recapture the spirit of previous models but with new design, adventurous character, and significant engineering advancements.

The automaker said that the vehicle will also take inspiration from the many owners of the outgoing model that have embraced adventure travel and touring and whose journeys have reached all corners of the globe.

Orders for the previous Morgan 3 Wheeler, which started production in 2011, closed at the beginning of 2021, with production of these vehicles taking place throughout the year. This includes the final 33 P101 cars, which saw a number of cosmetic enhancements to celebrate the end of the model’s highly successful ten-year production run.

Morgan’s three wheelers date back to the founding of the company in 1909, when its founder, HFS Morgan, built a three-wheeled vehicle to transport him around the Malvern Hills. It immediately proved popular and spawned many variants over the coming decades. In fact, it wasn’t until nearly thirty years into the firm’s history that it would start producing four-wheeled cars.

Steve Morris, chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said: “We are thrilled to confirm plans for an all-new three-wheeled Morgan, a model that continues an incredible story dating back to 1909. The outgoing 3 Wheeler was adored by customers and enthusiasts alike, and will inspire this next generation. The upcoming model is an all-new ground-up design and the first whole vehicle program to be completed under the stewardship of Investindustrial. Morgan’s team of engineers and designers have considered everything that the company has learnt from the decade of building and selling the previous model. We look forward to sharing more about this exciting new vehicle in due course.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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