Mobility Company Transferring Transit Data to Microsoft

Mobility Company Transferring Transit Data to Microsoft

A mobility data heavy hitter is transferring its public transit data to Microsoft’s Azure Maps system.

Moovit is claiming to be doing this to help developers of other mobility apps, but it is unclear why the company would want to assist in the development of apps that could potentially rival its own. Microsoft says it wants to gain access to public transportation users’ data so it can target its products and services at them. It cites real-time notifications about a Moovit user’s regular commute as a potential example of one such targeted service.

The initial implementation of the deal will consist of Moovit’s application programming interfaces (APIs) being run through Azure. These APIs will be targeted at Azure users. Other aspects of Moovit’s operations will be transferred to the platform subsequently.

Moovit co-founder and CEO Nir Erez said he thinks his company’s data can easily be transferred “to the Microsoft Azure Maps portfolio of offerings for app developers”. He added that he thinks doing so will help software developers “build greater apps for people who ride transit everywhere”. Azure Maps group program manager Tara Prakriya claimed: “Moovit’s world-leading coverage will allow Azure to provide its customers with the most comprehensive and accurate transit data services”.

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