Modular Fleet BEV Charger Promises Expansion Capability

Commercial fleets considering switching to BEVs are being wooed by the development of a modular charging system able to expand or contract depending on demand of use.

Charger provider, the EVBox Group, has announced a DC fast charging station, it claims will be able to cope with the changing business demands of fleets that decide to increase their mix of BEVs. Its EVBox Troniq Modular, will comes to the European market aimed at businesses being forced to consider BEVs as city regulators increasingly promote urban clean air initiatives by penalizing ICE powered vehicles.

The company claims the new charging system provides upgradeable power modules allowing businesses to have a power output of up to 240 kW with 30 kW power modules. As soon as the demand for EV charging increases, the system can adapt to help businesses make the most of electric mobility.

It also allows multiple vehicles to charge at the same time to reduce down-time even as BEV adoption is expected to grow in city areas. It also boasts a multi-language touchscreen and ergonomic auto-retractable cables.

The system claims to be compatible with every BEV and plug-in hybrid both now and in the future. The station can connect to any OCPP-compliant backend and can be easily integrated into existing businesses.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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